Soccer Bot 360

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Soccer Bot 360

We make it possible to simulate any game situation on a 1 : 1 scale


SoccerBot360 enables the simulation of any game scenario on a 1:1 scale, facilitating analysis and assessment of crucial moments from the perspective of a real player. Various control functions accessible via tablet enhance the experience, making SoccerBot 360 an exceptional game and sports activity suitable for all ages.


With SoccerBot 360, users can generate scenes incorporating a real ball within the game environment. This feature enables the creation of a repertoire of position-specific scenarios, aiding in match preparation or player integration.


Diverse training modes challenge cognitive abilities and technical skills simultaneously, accommodating individual or team exercises. Adjustable difficulty levels cater to participants of all skill levels, ensuring inclusive training opportunities.


Performance tests gauge cognitive factors and technical skills, with options for individual tests or comprehensive test batteries tailored to specific requirements. These tests are developed and validated in collaboration with sports scientists and sports psychologists.